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Regarding related media reports regarding "whether the epidemic is quietly penetrating from the Navy to the Army? The Army sends test results for screening," the Army Command clarified today (25) that the content of such reports is inconsistent with the facts, and test results sent for screening that very day were found to be negative. The Army Command further stated the following details:
1. Three officers and soldiers from the Infantry Training Headquarters were dispatched in support of the Goodwill Fleet personnel for a transportation mission on April 18th. Prior to departure, they were required to put on a full set of protective equipment, including protective clothing, N95 masks, goggles, gloves, etc. Furthermore, they were given pre-work education by medical professional personnel of the regional command. After they completed the mission, they were segregated for health management for 14 days, with their physical condition reported on a daily basis.
2. After reporting diarrhea on the 23rd, two members went to the doctor at noon on the same day, and tests were conducted for screening. Both of the results were "negative," and they will continue to observe home-based self-management of health for 14 days.
3. In response to the threat of "severe special infectious pneumonia," the command will follow the policy guidance by the Central Epidemic Command Center and relevant regulations by the Ministry of National Defense (MND) for implementation.
4. The Army Command calls on the media professionals to perform their due diligence before making reports to avoid misrepresentation and causing unnecessary panic for society.
Army spokesman Lieutenant General Yang, An 0965-295908