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Press release of the Ministry of National Defense

Time: April 11, 2024 at 18:30

     The Ministry of National Defense (MND) stated today (11th) that the US government concluded the signing of the letter of offer and acceptance for arms sales of the "Maintenance of Communication Operation System" on April 2, Eastern Time, with Taiwan, totaling more than NT$8.2 billion. The case is part of ongoing operation maintenance expenditure, which involved the procurement of communication system backup materials, system software, technical associations, and other support services. As such, reports of the "slow progress of the third-generation land-based operating system" are not true.

Press release of the Ministry of National Defense

Time: April 3, 2024 at 08:50

    The Ministry of National Defense (MND) stated today (3rd) that a 7.2-magnitude earthquake rocked eastern Taiwan this morning. The Armed Forces immediately focused on various units and combat areas as they carried out stock checks and inspections to verify any damage. As gathered from preliminary checks, some houses and other buildings have been damaged in the Hualien area so the 2nd Theater of Operations dispatched disaster relief troops to coordinate rescue operations before delivery orders to minimize damage.

     The MND pointed out that after the earthquake it immediately set up a response center to monitor updates in real-time, worked with the local government, and deployed troops to safeguard the life and property of people.
About MND

The ROC Constitution stipulates that the ROC national defense aims to defend the nation's security and safeguard world peace. Under this, the nation's defense concepts, military strategies, military buildup, and objectives are formulated to prevent conflict. The current international situation and changes to the possible threat to the ROC are also taken into consideration in the making of defense policies at the current stage. The basic objectives are "preventing war," "defending the homeland," and "countering terrorism and responding to contingencies." The higher strategic goal is "effective deterrence, resolute defense" with the establishment of a quality self-defensive force capable of counterattack. China, though calling for reunification, has never renounced the use of force against Taiwan. It has not only deployed an increasing number of ballistic missiles aimed at Taiwan but also staged large-scale military exercises with an overt saber-rattling intent to destabilize Taiwan politically and economically. Moreover, its robust economic expansion in recent years has fueled its defense spending for greater military muscle. In order to maintain Cross-Strait stability and avoid a military imbalance in the Taiwan Strait, the ROC government is calling for the establishment of confidence-building measures (CBMs) and a code of conduct on the one hand, and, on the other hand, has been constructing basic defense forces and counterattack capability to safeguard the territory without engaging in an arms race with the other side.