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In response to media reports that “Fu Hsing Kang Camp of the NDU had taken measures in response to confirmed NCP cases but did not suspend the entire university, only suspending the School of Political Warfare, a criterion that is somewhat different from other schools," the NDU provided the following details today (19):
1. The NDU is divided into three separate campuses: Bade, CCIT, and Fu Hsing Kang campus, which are individually categorized under the administration districts of Taoyuan Bade, Daxi, and Taipei Beitou. The suspended school is the Political Warfare College at Fu Hsing Kang Campus.
2. The two confirmed cases are from the Political Warfare College. After investigation, they returned to the school to handle some affairs, staying for about one hour, during which time the scope of their activities and contacts was limited to the living area of the college, while all the people who did come in contact conducted self-isolation and quarantine. Furthermore, officers from the CDC and a specialist from the Department of Health from Taipei City Government visited the school for quarantine and assessed that the risk of cross-infection was low. The 33rd Chemical Corps has stepped up disinfection operations at the campus to implement epidemic prevention.
3. Apart from the Political Warfare College being based at Fu Hsing Kang Campus, other units are also located at the site. Due to its larger campus size, as well as each unit having its own area of activity, the truth is that their daily life, education, and training are conducted separately, other than the sponsoring of common events and activity.
4. To prevent the risk of cluster infection among teachers and students at the Political Warfare College, classes are suspended for two weeks starting tomorrow (20), while students on vacation should implement home-based self-management of health for 14 days, and those who came into contact with the diagnosed cases have been placed within the isolation area of the campus to implement segregated self-management of health on their own for 14 days. Meanwhile, the measure of "suspended, but with classes" has been adopted, and instruction is delivered through a remote teaching system and digital learning platform to maintain a normal teaching routine.
The NDU has emphasized that the school should continue to follow the policy guidelines provided by the CECC and the MND and properly follows all of the anti-epidemic measures to ensure the health of teachers and students, as well as their right to education.