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In response to external concerns about the needs of masks for officers and soldiers in the Armed Forces, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said today (17) that the Executive Yuan has determined to completely meet its requirements of epidemic prevention and the combat readiness of the Armed Forces after the MND explained its current needs to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) to ensure the integrity of combat power. Therefore, the CECEE will distribute one mask to each person every day for the entire Armed Forces, totaling 189,000 pieces. The related budget needed for the policy is fully covered by the government.
The MND pointed out that masks will be allocated for distribution in steps, and the pace of delivery will start tomorrow via the supply system of the Armed Forces. These masks will then be sent to the men and women of the military battalion in every camp of the Armed Forces as soon as possible until the epidemic has ended.
Ensuring health protects national security, and the MND is grateful to all sectors of society for their support and concern for the officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces. The Armed Forces will always stand by the people of the country as we unite hand in hand to prevent the spread of the epidemic and ensure the integrity of combat power together.