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The officer and sergeant suspected of breaching the social standing between male and female have been transferred from their current positions pending investigation.
In response to media reports that "An officer is suspected of having an overtly close relationship with a subordinate," the Army Command stated that the army colonel surnamed Lee and a female sergeant of the R.O.C. Army Academy were charged with the suspected violation of social standing between men and women outside the school in April of this year (2020). Upon receiving the report, the Army Command attached great importance to the report and immediately set up an ad-hoc team to carry out administrative investigation. Furthermore, the suspected officer and sergeant have been transferred from their current positions pending investigation for the purpose of cautiously dealing with the situation and clarifying the circumstances of the case.
The Army Command emphasized that the headquarters will adhere to the consistent principle of "strict assessment and strict elimination." If the investigation result discovers any violation against the norm, the related personnel will be severely punished for covering up the situation in order to establish accurate awareness and firmly uphold the military’s reputation.
Major General Yang An, the spokesman of the Army Command 0965-295908