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In response to media reports that "Masks provided not enough for soldiers? The Ministry of National Defense ordered officers and soldiers to buy masks for themselves, and superior officers will be punished if the order is not executed," the Ministry of Defense clarified today (16) that the content of such report is inconsistent with the actual situation.
The Ministry of National Defense pointed out that, on its standpoint of serving and caring for officers and soldiers, the Armed Forces has guided cadres of all grass-roots cadres to actively assist officers and soldiers to correctly use the "National Health eMask" App, log into the mask application system, and provide the camp as the unit of organization so that these units can universally collect masks from nearby convenience stores within or at the periphery of the camp. After receiving masks, they are distributed to officers and soldiers. Furthermore, videos filmed and played through Juguang defence education will have a lively presentation to introduce the APP for purchasing masks online, as well as the correct concept of epidemic prevention by washing hands frequently.
The Ministry of National Defense (MND) emphasized that epidemic prevention is currently among the most important tasks of the Armed Forces. Taking care of the health of officers and soldiers is the responsibility of cadres at all levels, and the MND will continue to counsel units at all levels about the correct concept of epidemic prevention under the principle of health self-management.