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In response to media reports that “The tender on the procurement project by the Navy for an electrical warfare jamming system from France for upgrading the La Fayette Class Cruiser valued at about NT$800 was closed today," the naval headquarters noted with following briefing today (6):
1. The rocket jamming system of the La Fayette Class Cruiser is operated in conjunction with a combat system. When the vessel is confronted with a missile threat, the system can effectively improve the survival rate of the vessel. The system has been in use for more than 25 years, and both the system and its jamming bomb are confronted with a vanishing source of suppliers, which is why "The Project of Life Extension for the Jamming System on the La Fayette Class Cruiser" has been undertaken for processing.
2. To integrate combat power with seamless integration, avoid the formation of combat power gaps, achieve the goal of rapidly improving combat power, and simultaneously consider the issue of intellectual property rights, after careful evaluation, the Navy has handled the "Life Extension Project of the Jamming System on the La Fayette Class Cruiser" in accordance with government procurement laws in order to meet the combat needs of the Navy and calls on its citizens for support.