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Regarding today’s (20th) media coverage of “Military Simulation Photo of the People’s Liberation Army Exposed! Targeted at Offshore Islands and Southern Taiwan”, Ministry of National Defense has provided the following explanations:

  1. The Armed Forces shoulder the responsibility of ensuring national security, and are able to closely grasp on and instantly respond to the security situation of the Taiwan Strait and surrounding regions, as well as the current drills and the dynamics of aircrafts and warships of the People’s Liberation Army, through joint intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Citizens can rest assured that the Armed Forces uphold the spirit of “24/7 National Defense”, and by adhering the “Regulations for the Armed Forces on the Disposal of Sudden Events during the Duration of Combat Readiness”, the troops of the Armed Forces have completed relevant preparedness, and maintain a high level of vigilance, in order to ensure the safety and stability of the Taiwan Strait, so all national citizens are able to spend the Chinese New Year with a peace of mind.