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Regarding the media coverage of “Major Involved with Inappropriate Relationship”, Ministry of National Defense expressed today (17th) that the implicated personnel have been given a major demerit in accordance with the “Implementation Regulations for the Maintenance of Military Discipline for the Armed Forces”, and are listed as disposal subjects.

Ministry of National Defense pointed out that the Psychological Warfare Battalion received news at the beginning of November regarding the close contact between its affiliated Major Lin and Major Hsieh, then immediately conducted an administrative investigation, and transferred Major Hsieh from his position. Furthermore, Major Hsieh’s wife and police discovered evidence of the affair between the two, and the ministry implemented severe punishment on the two in accordance with the principle of “the innocents will not be wronged, and the guilty will be severely punished”.

Ministry of National Defense emphasized that it will utilize this incident as a propaganda example, and will continue to reinforce military education, as well as request all male and female comrades to be separated, in order to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.