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Air Force Command Headquarters expressed today (7th) that it is thankful to the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board for providing swift assistance in the interpretation of the data contained in the “black box”subsequent to the occurrence of the Black Hawk helicopter crashing accident on January 2nd, and hereby clarifies that the “Leakage of Confidential Information” claimed by the media is a misinterpretation.

Air Force Command Headquarters pointed out that due to the OEM interpretation permission, it has contacted the American Institute in Taiwan and swiftly delivered the black box to the USA for a comprehensive interpretation. The incident investigation still requires the collection of various data, and the data contained in the black box is just one of them. The data contained within the black box will be cross compared, analyzed, evaluated, researched, and reviewed against other factual data (including audio transcripts, weather data, flight path, flight plan, and maintenance history).

Air Force Command Headquarters emphasized that this incident has adhered to the incident investigation regulations of the “Air Force Flight and Ground Safety Manual”, where an investigation committee and review committee have been formed, forming aviation, repair, medical, legal, and climate committee members with dispatched professional; Taiwan Transportation Safety Board and the OEM for the aircraft design are also assisting in the review of this incident by implementing procedures of “On-site Investigation”, “Collection of Factual Data ”, “Analysis”, and “Conclusion”. The headquarters expresses its gratitude to the assistance provided by the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board and all sectors, and requests everyone to refrain from speculations and false coverages that would create confusions for the public.