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The online rumor regarding the spouse of the late young flight officers of Black Hawk helicopter unable to receive Indemnity is false information.

Regarding the online rumor of “Spouse of the Late Young Flight Officers of Black Hawk Helicopter Unable to Receive Indemnity”, Ministry of National Defense has clarified today (5th) that such information is false, as there are no age limitations to the bereaved family of the deceased who are receiving Indemnity. The ministry hereby solemnly refutes the relevant online speculation that attempts to create confusion within the society.

Ministry of National Defense pointed out that in accordance with the relevant regulations stipulated in the “Indemnities Act for Military Personnel”, the parents, spouse, and children of soldiers who perished in the line of duty are able to receive indemnity, and must apply for the annual indemnity according to the wish of the deceased before receiving the relevant indemnity. As for the fallen generals and soldiers who perished in the line of duty when on boarded the Black Hawk Helicopter, the relevant indemnity will be swiftly processed by the ministry in accordance with the regulations, and commendation regarding their contribution and dedication to the country will also be implemented simultaneously.

Ministry of National Defense emphasized that the amendment of relevant national pension reform has not altered the above-mentioned indemnity eligibility. The misleading online speculations that have not been verified can create confusions for the families of the fallen generals and soldiers, fellow Armed Forces comrades, and the public, and the ministry hereby solemnly refutes such slandering behavior.