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Ministry of National Defense expressed today (5th) that the Black Hawk helicopter crashing landing incident that occurred on January 2nd, which led to the death of the Chief of the General Staff Shen Yi-ming and 7 generals and soldiers, has brought sorrow and pain to their families and the national citizens. Apart from establishing a mourning hall, Taipei Guest House is also opened to allow national citizens to reminisce and pay tribute.

Ministry of National Defense pointed out that amidst this tragic accident, the Armed Forces are diligently stablizing military morale, as well as ensuring ordinary combat readiness and the operation of various national defense affairs, while mourning for the loss of the fallen comrades, in order to ensure national security, and the ministry hereby requests the support of the citizens and the public.

Ministry of National Defense emphasized that the Armed Forces have been adhering to the principle of administrative neutrality, and requests all sectors to respect the ministry’s standpoint by refrain from taking advantage of the Armed Forces. The insinuation of “Taiwan has been Cursed, National Misfortune” over the Black Hawk helicopter crashing incident is inappropriate, as it is a disrespectful gesture toward the perished generals and soldiers, and brings further damage to the families, while also destruct the morale of the Armed Forces and dismantle the efforts exerted to protect the country by all military comrades. The ministry hereby expresses its regret.