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Air Force Command Headquarters expressed today (4th) that in order to investigate the cause of the crashed UH-60M helicopter that occurred two days ago, the headquarters has retrieved the relevant data of the black box (including cockpit voice recorder, flight data recorder, Health and Usage Monitoring System, and GPS) from the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board at 15:50. The relevant data will be transferred to the Aviation Safety Council, and further cross compared, analyzed, evaluated, researched, and reviewed against other factual data (including audio transcripts, weather data, flight path, flight plan, and maintenance history) in order to facilitate subsequent investigation report and clarify the cause of the incident.

Air Force Command Headquarters further expressed that it has established a special investigation committee in accordance with the clarification to the cause of this incident, and has invited the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board, aviation experts, and scholars to form various levels of review committees for review purposes. As the investigation and relevant analysis require significant period of time, the headquarters requests all media to refrain from speculated coverages before the official announcement of the investigation results, in order to maintain a just perspective and excavate the real cause.