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Reportered by LIU, PEI-QIEN, and LEE, ZHENG-CAI in Tainan

The Navy 2015 Dunmu fleet training arrived Tainan yesterday and was open for visiting. High school teachers and students ceased the opportunity to experience the facilities on board. The fleet introduce the spirit of the Navy and encourage students interested in the military service devoting to the national defense.
The Navy 2015 Dunmu fleet training arrived Anping harbor yesterday, starting the 2-day event in Tainan. 12 students from Deguang high school presented the flowers to the staff and troops on board, welcoming the visit this time.
In the event, the Navy Academy Band, Honor Guard, and Marine Corps Chikwondo performed outstandingly. The students from local vocational school and Jia-ci high school Flag Team also performed for the fleet. People was excited and took photo with the troops. It's a unique festival.
In addition, the Navy also arrange voluntary service troops to introduce the voluntary scheme to the students, hoping they can consider military as their career life. The Navy needs new blood to participate and the fleet will hold the last event in the harbor.