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Reported my reporter of Military News Agent LIU, DE-CHIN in Taipei on Mar.3.

This year is the 60th anniversay of the Yijiangshan battle and the Chief of the Political Warfare Bureau, Lieutenant General WANG, MIN-WO, represented the Minister GAO to pay the honor to the martyrs in front of the monument. The ceremony was hosted by Lieutenant General WANG and the polical warfare director of the Ministry Major General HUANG, KAI-SEN and the descendants of the martyrs was aside. In the beginning of the ceremony, Lieutenant General WANG presented bouquet to the monument and tribute saluted to the monument with all the staff. In the end, gave his regard to the descendants.
Then, Lieutenant General WANG and the staff tuned to the memorial tablets of the martyrs and paid his respect. The chair of Yijiangshan Battle Committee WANG, YIN-WEN them introduced the pictures of the deceased in the hall and the historical material left by YU, YO-JEN, and CHIANG, KAI-SHEK, giving Lieutenant General WANG the book, "The Guardians of the Time", wishing the book can be reminder to people in Taiwan of the valuable peaceful life is at the cost of lives. The Chair appreciated the assistance of the Ministry in refurnishing the monument and the hall. The ceremony is a meaningful event for people to memorize the martyrs of the country.