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Reported by CHENG, YO-ZHENG

The sky was gray in the freezing day the accident occurred. The rescue team members were hustling in searching the survivors  and it's the faith for all army and police rescue team that every life is important. They search every castaway along the river and cease every to find a survivor. 
As the accident was reported, the air force rescue team immediately suited up and went for the rescue mission with S-70C chopper. Because the ground zero was on the riverbed, the rescue had to fly barely on the river surface and it requires high level operation skill on the chopper.
Pilot Lieutenant Colonel HUANG, WEI-CHI was on the first phase duty for the mission, and he claimed that the ground zero is not on a steep site but the casualties and scenario is not easy for the rescue team. Danshui river and Jilong river locates at the heart area of Taipei and are supposed to be along with peaceful and joyful people. The moment the plane flew over the sky  intertwined hearts of people in Taiwan and with time went by, the slow progress on the rescue sadden the team members.
Co-pilot Colonel CHIU, JIA-BIN said when hovering above ground zero, he really hoped that with the help from the police department may fasten the rescue progress. Though the result was disappointed, the army still will stand beside people, wishing the deceased may rest in peace and the sorrow may never come again.