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::: 列印功能鍵 pointer

Reported by CHENG, YO-ZHENG

The rescue member from the 3rd underwater work team said, "The casualties is heavy and it's sad." On that day, people all witnessed the scene of the  upside down plane lying in the Gilong river and the survivor crying for help. However, the cold weather made the rescue work even harder. The rescue endured the freezing river water, searching for the chance to rescue the undiscovered survivors, the compassion showing through is the heart full wishes shared by all the army.
The Staff Sergeant, CHAO, JIA-YONG, was a rescue team member on that day and he said that he was prepared to face a heavy casualties at that time and he immediately ordered the team to suit up with full equipment. He then further explained to the team that the river rescue might bump into rough landscape and the sight won't be clear so the team have to keep the self safety first to ensure the mission can be completed successfully.
At the time, Sergeant LIN, YO-SHEN is coming back from the vacation, he said that it's a critical moment for the survivors to be rescued and he wants to help out with his profession at this moment.
During the rescue, the underwater work team showed the professions from their daily training. CHAO pointed out that the riverbed was full of steel bar and obstacles and the dry suit may more or less influence the activity of the team so they chose the wetsuit as the main equipment to execute the operation. Meanwhile, the team has the warm up protocol to prevent the team member from loosing temperature. 
Private first class, YUAN, HONG-WEN and TIEN, YA-GE was the first time operating the rescue mission. They said they've learned a lot from the communication with the police and fireman  department. They further said that it's the time for the army to step up and utilize the result of training to ensure the rescue work goes smoothly. In the end, they also spread their wish and may the accident like this time may not occur again.