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Reported by CHANG, LI-ZHENG in Taipei

The Minister  GAO,GUANGCI hold the reporter spring meeting yesterday, greeting the reporters supporting the Ministry for such a long time and appreciating their assistance in promoting the military policy. In addition, 3 commercials were exposed in the meeting, featuring the training of the troop in a realistic way. One of the ads, the episode of protecting our homeland, was published on the facebook page of the speaker and was soon booming among the internet users.The Ministry hold the reporter meeting yesterday and the minister claimed that the troops will further progress in training and in order to help people familiarize the army, the Ministry published 3 ADs named, the episodes of Protecting our homeland, Training, and The honor. The director, Hung, Cheng-Chan and the musician Hsiun, Tzu-Shen, shared their concepts and t their style of representing the tough of the army.

The first episode, Protecting our homeland, describes the security was not easy and it's coming from the non resting guarding of the army, conveying the idea that the security shall not be assuming and people shall aware the hard-working of the silent heroes.The second episode, Training, describes the daily training of the army and all the toughness for the troops is to respond the future threat from the world and to win the enemy. The film documents the training of army, navy and air force and the realistic style conveying the idea that it's not only a film but the real life of the army.

The last episode, The honor, describes the detail of the honorable military dress. The dress is not only the outfit for the soldiers but a symbol for responsibility and honor. They are the embodiment of the honor and sacrifice the army made for the country.The speaker, LUO, SHAO-HE claimed the  public tender was issued last year and the budget is in a total of 960 thousand dollars. The director ran through Taiwan to film the life in army. The first episode was released last night on the facebook page of the speaker, and was caused great enthusiasm on the internet.LUO also expressed that the rest of the two episode is coming coon.