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Repoeted by Hsieh, Tson-Hsien in Taipei

The 2015 Nangsha National Defense Seminar consists of 3 classes is open for application from now to Mar. 15. The Ministry will draw out the applicant in Apr. and is going to enroll 60 members form 6 schools. The enrolled members will sail to Taiping island with navy, practicing their ambitions in national defense.
The Ministry claimed that the enrolled members will include teachers and students from department of foreign language and information management. Schools having ever been enrolled are also welcomed for this year's seminar. The Ministry invites domestic institutes with departments of politics, foreign language, law, history, environment, communication, and IT management to participate in a form of research  group including 1 teacher  and 9 graduate students.
The seminar aims to introduce the domestic students the honor of navy and the international relationship involving the islands. The seminar offers courses about the strategic deployment for the sea and introducing the complex region history. This year, for the celebration of the victory against Japan, the seminar includes the course of the war history, with the practice of navy activities and beach cleansing, the Ministry hope to convey the idea of eco friendly and reinforce the consensus on national defense.
The Ministry suggested students under 40 with ROC citizenship are welcomed for application. The application shall be submitted to the department office of all schools and the enrollment draw will be held in Apr. and the result will be published on Youth Daily News and the official website of the Ministry. For more information, please refer to the civil defense website,;, meanwhile, the seminar fan page on facebbook is open to offer he latest news.