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Reporter LIU, PEI-CHIEN/ Taipei

The National Defense Ministry hold the Nansha Workshop to reinforce the understanding of Sounth China See policy in the youth. The workshop consists of  three phases and the enrollment date starting from Mar. 15. In addition, the workshop also includes extra classes to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the resistance war against Japan. The workshop wishes to enroll students from departments of foreign language, IT information, and management and welcome the domestic teachers and graduate students apply to participate in group.
The Nansha Workshop has been a popular event. This year, the class will be divided into three phases, in total 9 days, and the regulation of enrollment has been published. The Ministry claimed the workshop will recruit members with professions in politics, foreign language, law, history, marine, eco protection, communication, IT information, and environment engineering; schools has to apply in group consisting of 9 teachers and graduate students; every phase receive two groups and the application date starting from .15. The draw will be undertake publicly in Apr.; the workshop is planned to trained 60 teachers and graduate students from 6 schools.
The Ministry points out that the class includes the historic introduction of the South China sea, the study on the strategic deployment, the protection of environment, and other professional courses, to promote the understanding of the youth in  regional policy of the government. In the sailing, the teachers will lecture the course of regional strategy and national defense combining the introduction to the resistance war to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory. Otherwise, the marine and sailing practice course can also promote the conscious of national defense.
The Ministry also points out that the tour in Taipin island will include the history class and flag-raising ceremony. The Ministry also takes the consideration of the facilities on the island and restrict the female members for each school shall not exceed 3 people. Please refer to the information issued on the website of the politic warfare and national defense education for latest information, or visit the facebook page of the speak man for more information.