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Interviewed by the reporter, ZHANG, LI-ZHEN

The air rescue group has been assisted the central weather bureau transporting the supply to the Jade Mt. for 3 years consecutively, solving the problem of lack of supply in the weather station. The chief of the bureau, XIN, TSAI-CHIN appreciated the assistance of 455 Tactical and Fighting Wing and the vice commander of the Wing suggested that the cooperation shall continue in the future.
XIN appreciated the help from air force and indicated that the contribution from the Wing is extremly crucial and in all major rescue events, such as the TransAsia crash or Morakot Raising, people in Taiwan can rely on the rescue team. The transportation mission was under the project developed by the Ministry and the Wing transport not only the supply but also the wounded weather crew.
In addition, the Wing treasured the friendship with the weather crew and is willing to offer more services. Since December 2013, the Wing has initiated the mission of picking up the weather crew in the snow season, safeguarding their way home.
YUAN, GUANG-HUA claims that the Wing benefits from the transportation mission also. Mt. Jade is a wonderful place for training and that ensures the profession of the Wing can be reinforced. YUAN further appreciates the weather team for their accurate weather report.