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In response to media reports about a "major anchor continuing with unethical affair," the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said today (24) that relevant personnel will be severely punished according to the violations of the "Implementation Regulations of Upholding Military Discipline of the Armed Forces."

The MND pointed out that Hsieh's wife and the police had already seized evidence of intimate contact and association between the two individuals at the end of last year. After the MND was informed of the incident, based on the principle of "not unjustly wronged nor releasing unpunished" for severe disciplinary penalties, each of them was given one major de-merit, and the officer with the surname Hsieh was transferred from his current post. Last week, when another complaint was filed by Hsieh's wife, the MND and the Army completed the preliminary interview and investigation at the same time, and the human resources assessment meeting will be convened next week to determine what punishment is to be rendered.

The MND emphasized that Hsieh and Lin remain in defiance of repentance after being given the severe punishment and expresses deep regret for their behavior. Furthermore, the MND emphasizes that it will continue to strengthen education for officers and soldiers on laws and regulations and requests that all military personnel strictly observe social standing between men and women in order to prevent similar incidents from happening again.