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Press Release of Reserve Command
Time: March 18, 2023 at 12:30

Regarding media reports that "Reserve sports meets have raised funds from reserve
coaching cadres", Reserve Command elaborated as follows today (18 th ):

1. A sports meets for reserve soldiers was held to enhance social exchanges among
counselors and organizations, and to establish a sporting atmosphere for reserve
soldiers. This initiative was started in 1970, but was suspended in 2019 due to the

2. Sine the pandemic has slowed, some county and city governments and reserve
counseling cadres suggested resuming the event. Command is still in discussion
stage, and it will cooperate with the county and city government if it proceeds to
hold the event. There has been no such request whatsoever to fundraise for the

3. Reserve counseling cadres have assisted the Armed Forces in disaster prevention
and rescue, talent recruitment, mobilization and recall, and other related national
defense affairs for a long time. They have made outstanding contributions to the
country, and Command is most thankful for their efforts. As for subsequent matters,
Command will continue to strengthen contact service with them, and take advantage
of the opportunities to meet and debrief to avoid misunderstandings.

Political Director of Reserve Command
Major General Hsieh Yong-wei 0965-295707

Press Release of Army Command
Time: March 10, 2023 at 16:45

In response to media reports covering the "missing soldier, whose surname is
Chan from Kinmen, who swam to China due to mental health issues, debts, and
other reasons, and was rescued due to exhaustion", Army Command stated today
(10 th ) that it has not yet received any updates from any unit about the incident, and
will request assistance from The Coast Guard Administration to conduct inquiries
through cross-strait cooperative law enforcement channels. Command will then
provide an update to the general public.

Spokesman of Army Command
Lieutenant General Chan Yu-lin 0965-295991
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The ROC Constitution stipulates that the ROC national defense aims to defend the nation's security and safeguard world peace. Under this, the nation's defense concepts, military strategies, military buildup, and objectives are formulated to prevent conflict. The current international situation and changes to the possible threat to the ROC are also taken into consideration in the making of defense policies at the current stage. The basic objectives are "preventing war," "defending the homeland," and "countering terrorism and responding to contingencies." The higher strategic goal is "effective deterrence, resolute defense" with the establishment of a quality self-defensive force capable of counterattack. China, though calling for reunification, has never renounced the use of force against Taiwan. It has not only deployed an increasing number of ballistic missiles aimed at Taiwan but also staged large-scale military exercises with an overt saber-rattling intent to destabilize Taiwan politically and economically. Moreover, its robust economic expansion in recent years has fueled its defense spending for greater military muscle. In order to maintain Cross-Strait stability and avoid a military imbalance in the Taiwan Strait, the ROC government is calling for the establishment of confidence-building measures (CBMs) and a code of conduct on the one hand, and, on the other hand, has been constructing basic defense forces and counterattack capability to safeguard the territory without engaging in an arms race with the other side.