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In response to the media reports that "improper conduct was found on board a military vessel in the barrack," the Naval Fleet Command stated today (7) that the unit took the initiative to investigate the incident once it was reported. Furthermore, the command has also worked based on the principle of "parallel implementation of disciplinary procedure and criminal investigation," focusing on the acts of "social standing of gender" and "drinking in the barrack" to impose punishment of dismissal and two major de-merits for elimination from the Armed Forces, respectively. The suspects involved in the incidents were also transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office for investigation.

The Naval Fleet Command emphasized that this headquarters upholds the principle of "not unjustly wronged nor releasing unpunished" for anyone who commits major violations against the law, and violators will be severely punished based on the belief of "retaining the outstanding and eliminating the inferior." This headquarters will continue to implement the requirements of military law and discipline and strengthen internal management in order to prevent the occurrence of such cases.