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The MND said today (4) that naval personnel from La Fayette Class Cruiser and Yue Fei Missile Frigate for the sea-faring training detachment of the Naval Goodwill Fleet for the year 2020 Navy have successively returned home safely after leaving the quarantine sites with buses chartered by the MND from 05:30 am today. They will then carry out self-management of health. As for personnel on the Panshi Combat Support Ship, another set of tests were carried out on them. After the results are released, individuals with confirmed cases will be admitted to the hospital for treatment, and the rest will be formally released from isolation as instructed by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) and be sent back home with buses chartered by the MND for self-management of health.

The MND has incorporated and organized the caring team from the Naval Command, which should persist to care for, encourage, and console officers and soldiers, as well as students and their families, in the hope that all personnel can return to work smoothly and safely.

The MND pointed out that support and encouragement from our citizens are the greatest motivation of a spiritual source and a driving power for the Armed Forces. On the other hand, Taipei 101 will turn on all the lights to support the Armed Forces, encourage the people, and brighten up Taiwan. As such, those few words as "Cheer for the Armed Forces" will brilliantly illuminate the starry sky of Taipei, helping to bolster morale for officers and men in our Armed Forces as they protect our sovereignty. Furthermore, the gesture will encourage the spirits of our navy even in the face of adversity, even under the toughest and heaviest winds and severe waves, for our Navy will always stand upright and fearless.

The MND also released a video of "Cruising Forward Against Hostile Waves," affirming and applauding the hard work and efforts by the sea-faring training detachment of the Goodwill Fleet as they successfully carried out their missions to defend our sea waters and give solace to our overseas compatriots. The video points out, "Setting sail means accumulating nutrients for combat power; for the Navy to have combat power, it must maintain endless training." Through the film, the MND renders its support to the Navy and promises the people that "we will return to our posts safely as soon as possible and continue to protect the country from the sea." The MND hopes that all walks of life from society will continue to care for officers and men on the Panshi Combat Support Ship, Yue Fei Missile Frigate, and La Fayette Class Cruiser. Such encouragement, care, and support from our people renders help to all officers and soldiers to bravely take up the important task of protecting the country and its people with high morale.

The MND emphasized that with threats from our enemy, the Armed Forces will not stop or reduce the intensity and difficulty of training. In fact, the Communist Army has repeatedly interfered with our aircraft and ships recently, which imposes a serious impact on regional security. We also discover that the enemy has not reduced its threat to national security despite the severe epidemic. At the moment, when the military and civilians are working hand in hand to carry out epidemic prevention, the Armed Forces will not reduce its combat readiness and training one bit.