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The Army indicated that the assignment order of First Lieutenant Huang conforms with regulations, and he has already completed the professional training.

In response to media reports that "The self-injury case of First Lieutenant Huang of 269 Brigade may be related to his transfer from a soldier to the assignment order as an officer not aligning with his expertise," the Army Command stated today (1) that First Lieutenant Huang of 269 Brigade was formerly a first-class private from the Army Special Forces Command of the Army Aviation and Special Forces Command. In 2017, he passed the exam and was admitted to the professional officer class. His assignment order is based on his training results and personal wishes. In September 2018, he was assigned to the command of Mechanized Infantry Brigade 269, serving the official post as the company commander for maintenance. After First Lieutenant Huang reported to the post, he had successively participated in "second-class factory management class" and "inter-professional supervisor class on level- A labor safety and hygiene business" training and obtained his certificate after completing the training with qualification.

The Army Command pointed out that the media report further referred to the content of "purchasing spare parts at one's own expense," "unclear logistics accounts in the military" and others, but the Command called upon all parties to provide related evidence to the Prosecutor’s Office and not to jump to any conclusions in order to help the prosecutors clarify the case as soon as possible.

Major General Yang, An (0965-295908) of Army Headquarters Spokesperson