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In response to media reports on "The self-injury case of First Lieutenant Huang of 269 Brigade, the Military is rumored to have changed the fake form and destroyed documents," the 6th Army solemnly and seriously clarified today (30) that the unit had immediately sealed up the scene at the time of the incident and notified the MP and police for investigation regarding the self-injury case of First Lieutenant Huang of 269 at the compound on the 16th (of April). As for the relevant computer host, related business information, vacation control card, fake bills, monitor host, etc., they have already been seized by MP Corps, with a "list of seized items" for inspection. Therefore, no such event or incident as any changes or destruction reported by the media could have ever occurred.

The 6th Army indicated that the case is currently under active investigation by Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office, and the Command will uphold an attitude of calmness and composure to work fully with the judicial investigation. The media are also urged to do their best to verify any received information as they honor their responsibilities in order not to circulate erroneous reports, thus misleading the general public and affecting the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Major General Yang, An (0965-295908) of Army Headquarters Spokesperson