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The Army Command indicated that the prosecutor will investigate the cause of death of an officer and appeals to all parties to refrain from making any conjecture."

The Army Command stated that the unit had immediately sealed up the scene at the time of the incident and notified the police and MP for investigation regarding the case of First Lieutenant Huang from 269 Brigade of 6th Army who committed self-injury on April 16th at the military compound. The case is now under investigation by Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office, while the Army Command has also organized a special task force with senior cadres dispatched to the brigade residence to provide counseling.

      The Army Command pointed out, in view of the media report, that First Lieutenant Huang "holds the mysterious name-list in his palm." After preliminary verification, the name-list recorded the person who supported the official errand on the next day (17), and he wrote the name on his hand. In fact, the two of them are from different units and are not familiar with each other nor with any jurisdiction. As for the related information as "difficult comrade," "purchasing logistics materials at one's own expense," and "bicycle damage," they are still expected to be clarified. At the moment, the Command has requested the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate and has called upon all parties to respect the prosecutor’s authority and refrain from making groundless accusations that may mislead the general public. If anyone holds related evidences, they can provide it to the prosecutor and are urged not to make presumptuous conjecture that interferes with the investigation.

 The Army Command has resorted to a frank and honest attitude as it adheres to the stance of "not treating unjustly nor releasing unpunished." In addition to working fully with the judicial investigation, it has also established a task force to carry out an administrative investigation. Furthermore, three officers, Colonel Chan, Deputy Brigade for Logistics, Lieutenant Colonel Chao, Section Chief for Logistics, and Major Lu, Company Commander of the Brigade, are suspended of their investigative duties in order to clarify the case.

Major General Yang, An (0965-295908) of Army Headquarters Spokesperson