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The 6th Army Command states that the officers who were involved in and touched upon improper sites are to be discharged and removed.

The 6th Army Command stated that a few cadres surnamed Chen and others affiliated with the Guandu area command had been involved in improper places during their current dispersal (accommodation overnight) in January 2020. When their commanding authority learned about it, they proactively carried out investigations according to the principle of "not wronging the innocent, nor conniving at the guilty." Based on the "Armed Forces Punishment Act" and "The Armed Forces Disciplinary Maintenance Regulation of the National Army's Disciplinary Maintenance Regulations," each of the subjects involved was given a severe administrative punishment and classified as subjects of discharge and removal.

The 6th Army Command emphasized that this case will be subsequently cited as an example. All in all, the Command will be based on perseverance to strengthen military law education and personnel inspection in order to modify troop atmosphere and uphold its reputation.

Ministry Spokesman Major General Chen Chung-chi, spokesman of the 6th Army Command 0965-295868