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In response to "The crash accident of the F-16 in Wanan Air Raid Drill, and the Control Yuan impeaching Air Force officials," the Air Force Command said today (19) that it renders its respect to the Control Yuan with regard to improvement suggestions made and fault-finding personnel transferred to the Public Functionary Disciplinary Sanction Committee.

The Air Force Command stated that the shortcomings of the personnel in this case put forth by the Control Yuan included impeachment points as not reviewing the implementation plan and others. The Ministry of National Defense admits that it must review the facts and pragmatically tackle the issues. As such, the Ministry has proposed the following nine measurements for improvement, which include "enhance mission preparation and readiness and pre-task reminders," "implement duplicate inspections on crucial issues of training and drill missions," "standard operation procedures for designating resident liaison officers," "deepen flight control and risk management re-education,'' "comprehensive review of radar director and ground obstacle information," "special aircraft conducted with special supervision in training and drill missions," "comprehensive re-evaluation over qualifications and abilities of war management personnel," "post re-adjustment of impeached personnel for trial," and "promote military aviation law with full efforts" in order to thoroughly review and carry out practical improvements and prevent similar cases from happening again. It is thus hoped that our national air defense force can be properly strengthened.