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The Ministry of National Defense said today (9) that the aircraft of Communist China, such as J-11, KJ-500, and H-6, among others, flew from Bass Strait and passed through the Western Pacific to get to Miyako Strait before returning to the original station of residence to perform long-distance sea training. During this period, the Armed Forces appropriately utilized air-recon aircraft and air-defense forces in accordance with combat readiness regulations.

The Ministry of National Defense indicated that the maneuver of such long-range sea voyage by Communist China has impacted regional security and stability, disturbing the peace and well-being shared by all parties of the region. The Ministry of National Defense emphasized that the Armed Forces can fully master the whole course of these aircraft in face of various threats from hostile situations and properly handle it in accordance with relevant combat readiness regulations to safeguard our national sovereignty, as well as the safety of life and property of our nationals. Therefore, our fellow countrymen can rest assured.