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In response to concerns about actions related to epidemic prevention by the Armed Forces, the Ministry of National Defense today (4) explained it as follows:

  1. Based on the idea that "epidemic prevention is considered combat," the headquarters has formulated various contingency plans to be implemented under the guidance of the "Central Epidemic Command Center," including the establishment of contingency centers at all levels, quarantine screening at barrack-gates, and publicity of personal public health education for both officers and men. Furthermore, maintaining the normal task of combat training, as well as the seamless control of commands, is emphasized; thus, the overall combat effectiveness of the Armed Forces should be properly upheld to honor their duty to maintain and shield national security.

  2. The command posts of the Armed Forces have set up several reserve command posts for backup at various levels, with sound control functions, as well as complete transfer plans. After repeated tests over the years, these posts can timely rise to the occasion in emergency situations and take over in response to contingency.

  3. When confronted with the current needs of the general public for epidemic prevention and based on the spirit of "disaster prevention and rescue relief" and "affected by the suffering of the people," the Armed Forces work with the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to increase the production requirements of masks, without affecting the prerequisite of its task for combat readiness. Servicemen from the reserve troops are thus mobilized into the production of masks to increase the production capacity of anti-epidemic materials, in the hopes of alleviating the urgent demands for masks.