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Corroded dud found in Yilan has no security risks, and has been brought back for disposal according to regulations.

Regarding the media coverage of “Fisherman Salvaged Suspected Dud at Daxi Fishing Port of Yilan”, the 6th Army Command has expressed that its affiliated 3rd Regional Support Command received a notice from the First Coastal Patrol Unit from the Northern Branch of the Coast Guard Administration at 14:40 today (22nd) that a suspected dud was found, and immediately dispatched the dud disposal team to head to the site.

The 6th Army Command pointed out that after arriving at the scene, the preliminary evaluation from the dud disposal team indicated that it was a projectile left behind from early years, and not a Armed Forces standard bomb; the projectile is severely corroded, with no security risks, and has been brought to the waste area for storage, which will be disposed subsequently according to the ammunition disposal procedure.

6th Army Command Spokesperson - Major General Chen, Yu-Lin (0965-295868)