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LOA of M1A2T Progressing Normally, Army Rigorously Reviews in Accordance with Actual Requirements of Combat Preparedness and Budget Approval.

Regarding the media coverage of “Procurement of M1A2T Battle Tanks Must Sustain Item Deduction and Quantity Reduction in Partial Equipment Due to Budget Constraint”, the Army Headquarters has provided the following explanations today (15th):

1. The Army has been spontaneously discussing with the USA on the requirement of LOA through channels including AIT and conferences, and the USA is currently progressing normally at the final review phase, where the LOA can be provided to Republic of China in the near term.

2. After receiving the official LOA, the Army will prudently inspect on the procured items and the industrial cooperative requirements, with the actual combat preparedness requirements as premise, and the approved budget by the Legislative Yuan as the standard, when completing the signature procedure of the LOA. The media coverage of “Procurement of Item Deduction and Quantity Reduction” is merely a speculation.

3. Various Armed Forces weapons and equipment are acquired in accordance with enemy threats, military strategy, and the overall defensive conception requirement, under prudent evaluation. The headquarters hereby requests the support of all citizens.

Army Spokesperson - Major General Yang, An (0965-295908)