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Ministry of National Defense Press Release

October 13th, 2019 at 14:30 p.m.

Ministry of National Defense: Support Autonomous National Defense, Weapons and Equipment That Can Be Locally Manufactured Will Not Be Purchased Externally.

Regarding the media coverage of “Army Abandoning Multiple Rocket Launchers from Autonomous National Defense”, Ministry of National Defense has clarified today (13th) that the coverage is a false interpretation of the truth, and emphasized that autonomous national defence is an important policy of the country, whereas weapons and equipment that can be locally manufactured will not be purchased externally. The ministry has provided the following explanations:

1.Various Armed Forces weapons and equipment are acquired in accordance with enemy threats, military strategy, overall defensive conception, and the joint combat requirements, under prudent evaluation.

2. The acquisition channel takes autonomous national defence as priority, and collaborated production or military sales will be adopted for weapons that cannot be locally manufactured, or taking into account the rapid elevation of combat capability.

3. Ongoing science research projects and military procurement are categorized as confidential information, and the ministry will not provide public explanation and comment as usual.