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Ministry of National Defense Investigating and Dealing with Moonlighting and Part-time Violations.

Regarding the media coverage of “Officers Implicated with Moonlighting and Part-time jobs”, Ministry of National Defense has stated today (11th) that such incidents occurred in 2015 and 2018 respectively, and they are considered as one the few minor cases, where violators have already been investigated and dealt with according to the relevant regulations. Ministry of National Defense emphasised that “Large Batch of Implicated Officers” depicted in relevant media coverage is a false interoperation to the truth, and has provided the following explanations:

1. The ministry began investigation upon receiving the above-mentioned intel, and immediately launched another full inspection after obtaining relevant news from gossip sites.

2. After investigation, a few active officers have been found with violating the regulations by being involved with direct selling, though most of them only participated in merchandise purchases and course attendance, without concrete evidence of direct selling as of now. In addition, the photos revealed by the media shows the group photo of the officers after attending the course.

3. The ministry has given punishments including “2 demerits” and “2 defamation” to implicated officers through the Army Headquarters and the Navy Command Headquarters in accordance with the “Prohibition for Armed Forces Personnel Moonlighting and Taking Part-time Jobs” in order to set an example for the others.

4. The ministry will utilize this case as a propaganda example, educate officers and soldiers with correct cognition, and continue to propagandize them to not moonlight and take up part-time jobs outside, in order to maintain discipline and internal cleanliness of the Armed Forces. Ministry of National Defense emphasized that one should not generalize the majority of Armed Forces officers and soldiers, who serve diligently in their work posts, as personnel who lack correct cogitation and the ability to adhere to regulations, just because of a few violating cadres among them.