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Regarding the media coverage of the US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference proposing “USA is Concerned About Taiwan’s Short Military Service Period, and Believes that the Latter Should Construct a Reserve Troop Force with Combat Capability”, Ministry of National Defense has provided the following explanations today (9th):

1. The servicemen from the 4-month military training have been reinforced with live ammunition shooting, marching training, and professional course hours, during service and muster-call trainings in recent years, in order to elevate combat capability. In addition, the muster-call rate each year is more than 98%, and through the verification of the “Han Kuang (Tong Hsin) Exercise”, they are capable of implementing Taiwan and Penghu defensive combat missions alongside regular troops.

2. The military service system of the Republic of China has been transformed into a recruitment system that primarily focuses on volunteer military. The current volunteer military personnel compilation for the Armed Forces has reached 85%, and the reserve troop force for defensive combat in the future will consist mainly of “volunteer military veterans” with relatively longer service period, which will be complemented by servicemen of 4-month military training, in order to construct a reliable reserve troop force.