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Regarding the media coverage of “High Ranking Air Force Cadre Stripped of Rank from Suspected Misconduct”, the Air Force Command Headquarters has expressed today (3rd) that the Major General with surname Lin, who is the captain from its affiliated Communications, Aviation, and Information Wing, was suspected of misconduct during his tenure, and had been given a major demerit after proven true from the investigation carried out from the unit, who was then transferred to serve as a committee member of the Air Force Command Headquarters on 2nd October. The Air Force Command Headquarters emphasized that it will administer severe punishment to any high ranking cadres who are in violation of the regulations by adhering to the principle of “the innocents will not be wronged, and the guilty will be severely punished” with no quarter given. The headquarters will also utilize this incident as a propaganda example to continue to reinforce on the education of military law and discipline, so that similar incident will not occur again in the future.