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Pingtung Soldier Inflicted Self-injury, 8th Army Command Cooperates with the Investigation of Prosecutors and Police.

The 8th Army Command expressed that a soldier with surname Lin from its affiliated 4th Regional Support Command was found dead from inflicting self-injury inside the forest of the camp today (30th) afternoon (station: Air Force Pingtung Base). After the incident, the unit sealed off the scene, and notified the local military police unit to process at the scene in order to clarify the incident.

The 8th Army Command expresses its regret and sorrow toward this case, and will full cooperate with the investigation of prosecutors and police subsequently to clarify the incident, as well as continue to reinforce life education and psychological consultation and counselling for officers and soldiers, in order to prevent similar tragedy from occurring again.

8th Army Command Spokesperson - Major General Wu, Li-Wen (0965-295265)