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(Reported by Fang, Zheng in Taipei on Apr.8)
The chief of FAFA, LEE, DONG-LIANG(right), paid a visit call to the Ministry and expressed his gratitude on the devotion of the army to protect the country.LEE paid the visit call with the accompany of secretary, HSIO, DE-YU, and the chief of political warfare bureau, WANG, MIN-WO, expressing the gratitude to the army for their service.Minister GAO specially appreciated the care from FAFA and claimed that all the army troops were feeling the warmth and transferred the gratitude into momentum in conducting military training.
Minister GAO pointed out that FAFA cares the welfare of the army troops and assist the promotion of military policy, including the voluntary military service system. All the army troops felt the sincere compassion from FAFA. LEE claimed that FAFA will continuly conduct the military service for dependents, promoting the dignity and morale of the army. In the future, FAFA will invite the army service model and model chief to visist aboard with the approval and help of the Ministry.  In addition, LEE saw the public art setting in Boai camp and after briefed, he had an understanding on the humane and spatial concept and construction process of the camp, feeling the ambition of the army.