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(Reported by journalist Lin Ching-chieh from Military News Agency in Taipei on April 7)

Gao Guang-chi, the minister of the Ministry of National Defense emphasized on the press conference held today that recently incidents concerning military discipline and security often occurred in some corps of the armed forces, and this has drawn criticism from every sector of the society on the armed forces, which heavily damaged the honor and reputation of the armed forces; To cope with this issue, all soldiers and officers in the armed forces will reflect upon themselves and make thorough improvements in order to win back the trust from the citizens for the armed forces.
Minister Gao specially participated in the regular press conference held by the Ministry of National Defense this morning. In addition to making apology to the citizens for the “Case of Internal Management Violation in Army Aviation 601 Brigade”, he also said that the ministry will have general Liu Chen-wu, the deputy director of Armaments Bureau as the investigation case director together with Supreme Inspector Office, Political Warfare Bureau and Ethics Division as the case investigation team to further investigate the case and have related doubtful points to be cleared. The issue will be discussed in the aspects of the system and structure of the national armed forces, and the best improvement will be made.
Minister Gao indicated that in addition to the total cooperation with the investigation performed by judicial agencies and holding the “discussion conference on military discipline and security”, Ministry of National Defense also asked all officers with administrative tasks to be strict to themselves, to be prudent and must obey orders and rules in order to break the concept of privilege and to rebuild the good impression of the armed forces.
The impression and image of the armed forces should be maintained by all the soldiers and officers. Minister Gao further hoped that every division in the armed forces should take this case of discipline violation as attention and be cautious, and all divisions should deeply and humbly reflect upon themselves to further realize the good tradition of “military orders like mountains, discipline like iron” in order not to fall short of the citizens’ expectations and to properly perform tasks of defending the country and citizens well.