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(Military News Agency / Chen Ying Zhu, Taipei 1st)
   Under the witness of lawyers and representatives of different schools, the director of Cultural and Psychological Warfare Department Yu, Tsung-Chi National Chung Cheng University and five others for the hosting of the National Defense Nansha Camp  which has been well received by young students they will form different teams and head to Nansha as to learn the national Nansha policies.
  This year, the Nansha Camp will be divided into three phases. From the 13 schools of application, National Chung Cheng University, National Chengchi University, South China University, University of Taipei, Ming Chuan University and National Sun Yat-sen University were publicly drawn this afternoon.  They will be able to go to Nansha Taiping Island and witness the efforts of the national forces for guarding the country as well as to increase their macro-view for Nansha war strategies.
  During his speech, Yu, Tsung-Chi indicated that as to fortify the recognition and support of the national Nansha policies among the young students, the Ministry of National Defense has been organizing “National Defense Nansha Camp” since 2011 in line with the navy’s patrol missions. It has been a way to display the nation’s “smart power” for guarding the sovereignty of Nansha. Until today, 9 camps had been organized for 15 universities with 155 teachers and students. The event has received good reputations among them. This year happens to be the 70th anniversary of Taiwan’s victory and retrocession. In addition to the professional courses of South China Sea strategy and in relation to the ocean as well as the practical trainings of warships, the Anti-Japanese War history seminar will be specially included together with other experiential activities such as beach-cleaning and time capsule, hoping that the students would not only enjoy these educational activities but also understand the importance of national defense.
  Yu, Tsung-Chi also encouraged the students to share their feedback on “National Defense Nansha Camp” fan-page after the event as to evoke the people’s attention upon sovereignty issues and the heart to guard the country with the military officers.