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 (Military News Agency / Chen Jianxing, Taipei 30th )
During his hosting for the “2015 Network Development Trend Seminar”, the Minister of the Ministry of National Defense, Gao Guang-chi, yesterday encouraged the entire staff of officers to learn about the existing communication advantages and influences of the national forces, to actively utilize the power of information and communication, to fortify the troops’ management efficacy and to include the technology into war preparation as to promote further policies and to enhance the defense policy efficiency and combat power.
During the seminar, which was held at the speech hall of the Fraternity Camp in the morning, supervisors and directors from each of the departments, divisions, bureaus, army headquarters (command centers) and National Defense University were in the list of guests. In addition, the chief executive of Hope Bay Technology, Ben Jai, and the director of Open Data Taiwan, Zhang, Weichi, were the keynote speakers to share their rich practical experiences and to carry out discussions, so every cadre was greatly benefited.
Minister Gao emphasized that the power of Internet at eco-political level is more than beyond, so he expected the national forces to fortify the communication ability of Internet users and to accept and correct any downside suggested from the outside. Meanwhile, through the new media platform – social media, news with accuracy and correctness can be announced as to prevent any expansion of crisis.
Minister Gao also pointed out that the Ministry of National Defense has launched three image advertisements: “Home Guardian”, “Trained National Forces” and “Honoring the Military Suit” have been launched separately through YouTube. They have many positive feedbacks from the pubic with great resonance. It is just the beginning of positive communication paradigm, displaying the true facet of the national forces and their diligent practices and trainings. The efforts of most of the officers and soldiers shall not be denied due to the minority who violates the military regulations and disciplines.
In line with the government’s open data policy, Minister Gao requested the colleagues to accept open and transparency investigation. In terms of the promotion of national defense policies, the plans shall be more detailed and comprehensive as to increase the execution efficiency and to avoid any misunderstanding from the outside, accomplishing the missions with success.
Lastly, Minister Gao encouraged the participants of the seminar to take advantage of MND’s World Wide Web, the Facebook page of the Military News Agency “MND’s spokesman” or the forums of Recruitment Centers. They would collect all the innovations of the private sectors, listen the opinions from different fields and include their assessment and discussion as the reference for the MND’s policy implementation; this would increase the National Forces’ overall administrative efficacy with efficiency.