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(Message by Reporter Li, Yi-Hao, Military News Agency in Taipei, March 29th, 2015)
“2015 Memorial Ceremony and Spring Festival Worship for Martyrs and Deceased Personnel” was solemnly held this morning at The National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine in Yuanshan, Taipei City. President Ma, Ying-Jeou hosted the ceremony in person, accompanied by the President of the Executive Yuan, Mao, Chi-Kuo, The President of the Legislative Yuan, Wang Jin-Pyng, the President of Judicial Yuan, Rai, Hau-Min, the President of Examination Yuan, Wu, Jin-Lin, and the President of the Control Yuan, Chang Po-Ya.
The ceremony began as the bell and drums beat, and the host, personnel who accompanied the host, and attendants stood in position listening to the national anthem. Later, President Ma lit incense and presented bouquets to pay tribute to national revolutionary martyrs. After reading funeral oration, President Ma led personnel and attendants to give three bows. The ceremony was grand and solemn.
Besides, this year was the 70th Anniversary of the victory of war. To commemorate the leading role of R.O.C of the war of resistance against Japan and the hard-won victory under the disadvantaged situation of laggard weaponry, and the heroic sacrifice of national armed force, a documentary produced by Ministry of National Defense was broadcast on the scene.
After the ceremony, President Ma gave respects to bereaved family representatives. The attendants included central and local officials, armed force, police, firefighters, and bereaved family representatives.