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The Minister Gao met with the 2015 Youth Medal awardees, colonel lieutenant HUANG, PEI-CHIN and major TIEN, JUAN-XI, honoring their service to t he army and encouraging them bringing the innovative spirit to the troops and endowing the army positive image.

The Minister Gao and the Chief of Bureau of Political Warfare met with the awardees of 2015 Youth Medal,army 4th branch HUANG, PEI-CHIN colonel lieutenant, and tri-service hospital major TIEN, JUAN-XI, and gave the souvenir, encouraging their superior service.

The Minister Gao suggested that the Youth Medal is a supreme honor for youth with outstanding contribution to the society. This year, the awardees was chosen from 336 people by three times of rigid review. The honor is also for the army.
The Minister Gao further went, Huang was awarded as being responsible, that means, he was trusted by the troop for his devotion and earnest and he also cultivated his job in army as a lifework. Huang also was the winner of the 2003 Model Chief Officer  and 2012 Army Model, and he recently executed the vehicle renewal task successfully, increasing the mobility of the army with minimum budget.

Tien was awarded for his peacemaking and he also was the only awardees of this kind. He volunteered the international medical operation and offered his medical profession to people in difficult area in his leisure time. In addition, Tien participated into the medical group in north India, Cambodia, and Dominic, saving people in need and improving the international friendship of Taiwan.