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(Military News Agency/Lin, Jingjie at Hsinchu)


The presidents of the Medical Associations from twelve cities and countries from the North, the East and Kinmen and Matsu regions together with the standing directors cum members from the General Associations visited the Northern Army Training Center. They were deeply impressed by the training results of the tech-trainings and the solid defense forces; they were certainly very confident in regard to the national defense and security. The Northern Army Training Center arranged several military tasks experiences, such as “light weapons shooting simulator classroom” and “simulation  of psychological resilience in battlefields” as well as static equipment exhibitions. Cadres from the Medical Association who came from far away recalled their military life in the past – the unforgettable memories when they “lived together” and “trained together.” Therefore, they had an intellectual and emotional journey of national defense. During the visit to the light weapon shooting simulation classroom, the visitors, expressing deep recognition and praises, were provided with the correct shooting postures and technology with the shooting training equipment. With the assistance of the instructors, they all had their show: with cool kneeling and lying shooting postures, they experienced personally the power of T91 rifle shooting. Also, during the “Simulation of psychological resilience in battlefields”, not only did the Northern Army Training Center arranged instructors to explicate the facilities of the center and the purposes of the training, they also led the cadres of the Medical Association to visit training areas of “gas poisoning”, “battle at night”, “urban combat” and “combat along the coast and beach.” They could experience the intense atmosphere of the true battlefields, realizing the cruelty and ruthlessness of war, which is helping to build up a consensus of “national defense with the general public.”