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Reported by journalist Cho I-li from Military News Agency in Taichung on March 16

To strengthen the self-helping ability and basic concepts of first aid, the 74th Information and Electronic Warfare Group under the 10th Army Command held “self-helping and basic first aid training course” today at Chung-shing-ling base today. The safety in trainings of the corps was expected to be maintained by teaching the soldiers CPR skills and having them actually practice the first aid.
In order to let soldiers be able to give first aid to the wounded at the first time in emergencies following the sequences, steps and concepts as well as to lower the level of damage, the head nurse of Taichung Xinshe District Public Health Center, Miss Chan I-ping, was specially invited to illustrate the medical care knowledge of how to “check the condition of the wounded”, “pay attention to the environment where the accident happens” and “keep the inspiring ability of the wounded”, etc. Head nurse Chan taught the soldiers with a lively and interactive way and had them actually practice the skills to make sure that they learned the first aid skills.
Head nurse Chan indicated that soldiers actively participated in the rescue for the flight and car accidents happened on recent days. Some soldiers even saved the wounded at the first time on site, and there were so many cases of the lives of the wounded being saved in the golden time. it was expected that the soldiers of the 74th Information and Electronic Warfare Group can also utilize these skills to save colleagues and citizens under necessary conditions.
The commander of the 74th Information and Electronic Warfare Group, Colonel Jao, said that it was planned in the division for soldiers to be trained and to obtain related licenses of first aid skills of the purpose of enhancing first aid abilities. In addition, the operating tests of first aid skills and CPR were also performed during the period of general test. It was hoped that the soldiers can be able to help their colleagues in battles and the citizens in urgent conditions as well as to make good disposal of emergencies in order to reach the target of good using of what they are trained for and defending the citizens.