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(MNA Journalist Fang Cheng, 17th, Taipei Telex)

ROC Army organized Confidentiality Workshop on “Han Kuang Military Exercise No. 31” today, where Secretary for Political Warfare Bureau, the Military of National Defense, Wang, Ming-O, the lieutenant general, was the host; he expected all officers and soldiers to comply with regulations of confidentiality strictly, embodying inspection, management and counterintelligence, assuring safe process of the exercise and consolidating strong fighting force.
The Workshop was implemented at Chungzheng Hall of Boai Camp in the morning; it called on participation of officers, participants and staffs of Joint Participation Unit under the Ministry of National Defense, as well as each army headquarter and contractors of the combat zone and so on; among of which, units including but not limited to the Office of the Minister in Communications, Information and Electronic Warfare Command illustrated on requirements and regulations pertaining to communication & information, documentation and confidentiality & security maintenance respectively, and watched safeguard film titled “Untitled Red Sequel” of Red Alertness, to strengthen concept of enemy situation and keep confidentiality and awareness, further maintain overall safety of ROC Army.
Secretary Wang pointed out that not only Han Kuang Exercise was to verify ROC Army’s performance of joint battle and if any chance to modify and solid battle plan, no matter computer-exercised war game or physical exercise, they all are focus with public concern, even a critical target set for task of enemy intelligence; hence, all staffs including participants, contractors to the processing units shall maintain materials as to the exercise well, regardless of early preparation, during participation and to the end, so as to improve internal control, verification and management, targeting to mobilize and carry on the concept and spirit of confidentiality thoroughly for the best result.
Secretary Wang indicates that annual Han Kuang Exercise has its schedule, but, national security is where each officer or soldier should carry on and maintain physically at a long term basis without any loss of  psychological defense and vigilance, eventually used by enemies, which not only paying a lot, even disrepute and cause harm to families and friends.
In the face with contemporary threat of the confidential environment, the Secretary Wang highlighted that enemy’s secret penetration will not decrease due to high frequency of exchange or peace; everyone should memorize and review historical lesson from the loss of “counterinsurgency campaign”, have an in-depth understanding in the importance of confidential anti-spy and everyone is on the duty of eliminating spyware, also consider it within the scope of military morality and dutiful morality, further developing good habits to remain invincible on a counterintelligence battlefield.
The Secretary Wang reminded all participants that there are versified penetration approaches taken by our enemies currently, all of our army officers and soldiers should be more sensitive and alert to the extreme level, realize soldier’s army virtue and core value deeply to demonstrate faith and love to the country, being committed to safeguard national security.