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Reported by the reporter of the Military News Agent LEE, YI-HAO on Mar.9

The Minister claimed that the volunteer personnel has reached 15000 and the Ministry has seen the benefit from the policy. The Ministry will promote the new system in the future.
The press said that there are still 30000 personnel short for the system and the gap is hard to be balanced before the cease of compulsory service. The Minister responded as follows.
The Minister said that the army is active in promoting the new system and the Ministry shall utilize all kinds of methods to promote the new system including holding national defense education session or open the visiting to the camp to familiarize people with the troop. In 2014, 15024 people has been recruited through all channels, not only reaching the annual demand for 10557, but only accomplishing the enrollment rate at 142.31%. The continue service rate for standing service is 61.4%, reaching an increase of 15.1%, comparing with 2 years ago.
The Minister said that the through the cooperation among the Executive Yuan and the Ministry, the soldier's living environment is improved and wage is increased, as a result, the effect of the new system is advanced.
The Minister claimed that the Ministry will complete the supplementary policies and cooperate with official departments to propose advanced plan on the new system. A short term objectives is to increase the combat surplus and staying compensation and further promotes the new system through channels like the veteran association.