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::: 列印功能鍵 pointer

(Reporter TU, CHUN-WEI)

The snow on the hilltop of Hehuan Mountain renders a exotic scene. People took the opportunity to see the wonderful view. It's 6"00 am in Wulin Camp, stepping on the snow makes people freeze and wish to run into the house and grab a cup of hot tea. However, at this time, the sound of war song came near and it's the sign of the member of winter training were ready for the tough course of a day. The ski course came first after the breakfast and the warm up. Under the instruction of the coach, the members took the training in order. The environment is extremely dangerous even with the safety equipment, and the members all bear up with great endurance.
The walking with ski is difficult and to get up and practice downhill skiing, the members have to climb the mountain in zigzag way; the moving is slow accordingly.
The oxygen content in high altitude environment is low and that even toughen the endurance of the members exercising skiing practice.
The valor of special force team has impressed the people in Taiwan; after the winter training is completed, they may not only manage the mission in sea, air and land environment, but also be capable of executing missions in snow.